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We provide a complete package to cover the needs for those who seeks adventure and nature in one place. We do customize the package according to request and we also handle company trips up to a maximum of 60 pax per trip. Do contact us for more information.

Selangor River Raftig
Selangor River (1 Day Trip)


Fantastic River with ideal location!!


Located a mere 1.5 hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur City, Selangor River offers one of the best Whitewater Rafting location. With a rafting distant of 7 km, this river boasts rapids of Class 1 to Class 4.

Slim River Rafting
Slim River (1 Day Trip)


Rafting distance of Slim River is approximately 6 kilometer with rapids from Class 1 to Class 3. The river is rocky with numerous narrow channels and tight turns thus we termed the run as ‘Creeking Run’. With a Gradient of about 1:6, the water flow is about 5 ft/sec on an average water level and is cold to Malaysian standard. Water can be clear but turn slightly murky if it rain. Riverine flora is superb with ferns, orchids, mosses, etc….as we are in the Ulu Slim Forest Reserve. As we approach Kampung Bersih, (Take Out), participants will come across Orang Asli Kids playing in the river. They are from the Temiar and the Semai tribe.

Singor River Rafting
Singor River (3 Days, 2 Nights)


One of the best Rafting experienced in MALAYSIA!!

Adventurous, Wilderness at its best – Singor River


"Steep Drops is the game for the day!!!"


Experience the extreme challenge of Whitewater Rafting down the 13 kilometer stretch of Singor River with rapids ranging from Class 1 to Class 6. Enjoy the rugged and unspoilt scenery as you conquer this wild and untamed river.

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